The Hours 2015

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As another year draws to a close, I am thankful once again for these snippets, captured for The Hours 2015

Angela_Lumsden_0700 7.00am — January breakfast with early morning sun shining through icicles at the cabin in Colorado

Angela_Lumsden_0800 8.00am — wide open doors to cool the house before the full heat of the day in February in Western Australia

Angela_Lumsden_09009.00am — a festive long weekend and a room with a view at Kaiteriteri in New Zealand

Angela_Lumsden_100010.00am — April and the summer sailing season continues

Angela_Lumsden_110011.00am — still going to the beach in May

Angela_Lumsden_120012.00pm — June’s wintery swimming pool reflection

Angela_Lumsden_13001.00pm — Ningaloo, Western Australia

Angela_Lumsden_14002.00pm — August = rainy days = muddy dog

Angela_Lumsden_15003.00pm — September’s spring daisies

Angela_Lumsden_16004.00pm — October in Western Australia and the summer sailing season begins again

Angela_Lumsden_17005.00pm — spring in full bloom outside Christchurch Public Hospital in November

Angela_Lumsden_18006.00pm — December in Western Australia means evenings at the beach and the excitement that is Christmas 🎄


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